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August 1st, 2016
The Bus Is Up & Running, Again?

The brains of this operation; Contributing Author and Editor, Tom, brought it to my attention that there was no simple place to jump to where you can pick up copies of all three of the existing books, either from here of from our FaceBook Page.

Well now there is.

Considering you are here, you can click on the above: ">> Quick Link to All Three TGOTB Books <<" link. There is also a new link, at right, to the TBOTB Story Reader that is hosted on my friend John's site; The stories change every week out there so you can see a preview of the material from the books.

if you are on our FB Page the latest post there should also include a link to that page as well as a link to the TBOTB Reader.

This page will only be updated when something major happens. I hope to be able to update the FB Page more regularly.

So, hop back on the bus and let's continue our ride.

March 14th, 2015 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day
Onward And Upward, Again?

This is a variation of a post from here from April 7th, 2012. I have sense hidden all posts of that vintage but I wanted to get this message back out here, so here goes -- The shorter version.

We (well, mostly me from a vague comment from Tom, you remember Tom) have decided to kind of reactivate the Blog. TBOTB IV (that does not stand for Inter Venus, that's the Roman Numeral for 4) is up and running. It has a little bit of new content, well just one from this year so far. We hope to continue to add to it. The problem is that the original contributors seem to have basically run out of stories to tell.

In my case I had gotten so dry on the old story side that I started writing fiction of possible stories about a fictitious band from a fictitious base, etc. I promise never to post one of those works of fiction as a true TBOTB story. On the other hand, we may start carrying a parallel universe, "The Adventures of the Fighting 341st ANG Band," sometime in the near future.

So here is kind of what I had to say that day back in 2012...
The Expanded Experience

We have been toying with the idea of "performing" some of the stories, posts, from TBOTB. Perform, you ask? Well, for those of you in my age group you will remember, if only in tales from you older family members, things called Radio Plays. Yeah, like "The Shadow" or "Fibber McGee And Molly," that kind of stuff. But, being distributed through the Internet we will call them... Well, we will call them Radio Plays and say the heck with being trendy.

I will attempt to use as many actual TROGS and Manumals, or even less rambunctious former military bandsmen, when casting the performers. But I know of at least one cast member that will have a prominent role, The Announcer, who never did any time with Uncle Sam. Hum, that sounds bad... I mean, was never in the military, though he was (is) a fine musician. Oh, and he has a FANTASTIC voice. So that is something to look forward to, at least I hope so.

As a tiny little offshoot to the Radio Plays I hope to have some Video clips of the recording sessions, done through Internet Video Conferencing, to share also.

On to more important things...

TBOTB IV - The Search for NEW Blood

I have to tell you that I am pretty much tapped out. In fact for the past month, perhaps longer, the stories I had been posting on what will soon be TBOTB III had to be prompted by other people's comments or reminders sent to me through other channels. Tom has told me that he is about there too, he was only in four years after all. I get the feeling that Stephanie and Chris are feeling similar considering their diminishing contributions, not that they had less value or quality, there were just fewer of them. And while we did pick up four new contributors for TBOTB II, those folks only shared a few tales, though those they did share were real zingers.

So, as the title of this section indicates, we are looking for NEW Contributors. And we would like to expand the scope of those who might want to contribute but don't feel comfortable doing so. So, here's the deal:

  • Current ACTIVE Military Bandsmen

We, I, will be trying to find ways to get the men and women of the current bands, those that will still exist after the latest series of cuts go through, to write things. I know there are still things to be told and I hope to make it easy for those who might have stories to do so. More on that below...

  • Non Bandsmen

That's right, I am asking for contributions from people such as family members of bandsmen and even audience members that never even played an instrument. This struck me as an obvious inclusion when a friend went on and on recently over the phone about a few experiences that she and her husband had with military band concerts, and even one time running into a bunch of band guys at a bar after a gig. I may have to pull that bar story out of her.

So, there are the new target groups. Of course, us Old Farts are still welcome to contribute whenever we (they) feel like it but we are hoping that TBOTB IV will have a strong NEW feel to it as it moves forward.

OK, I mentioned "Making it easy" for those who may have a story to tell but feel uncomfortable doing so. Here is what I have been thinking about:

Remove the "Adult" status of the blog

I have been contacted more than once by people who decided not to even take a look at the blog because of the "Adult Content" warning you have to click through to enter. That warning was intended to simply indicate that there might just bee some adult language used in the posts. I was told that the people who decided not to even visit thought it meant that there would be some pornography displayed. Hum... Considering that there has actually been very little profanity, do to the self policing of the contributors and just a few staff interventions, and NO PORNOGRAPHY (and there will never be any allowed) I no longer feel that warning is needed. It will come down as soon as we are back up and running.

Co-writing Stories

I have received MANY FaceBook messages and e-mails and even a few phone calls where the person has flat out told me that they have stories to tell but that they are not writers. Hum... Me either, but that has not stopped me from writing. Come to think of it, I guess that's the way you become one? Maybe not? Who knows? Anyway...

For those who feel uncomfortable penning a story you can send it to me (us) through a FaceBook message, remember the TBOTB FaceBook Page?, through an e-mail or you can use the little "Contact Us Interface" on this page or out on the blog.

I (we) will then take your submitted material and see if it can be worked into a workable post. I think those who feel that their writing would not be good enough might be surprised just how many people would enjoy it just the way it is.


Excuse me for shouting, but I wanted that to really stand out here... How am I going to Interview people all over the country for the blog? Well, I am not. Well, not really. Well, here's the deal:

SKYPE: For those of you who may not be familiar with Skype, it is a computer program (I hate to call them Apps) that allows you to talk or even video chat with someone over the Internet. Oh, and it is FREE and easy to use. If people would rather tell a story to me rather than even jot it down in a message, we can arrange that. Hey, I was an arranger after all...

In Person Interviews: Yeah, like me going to a place to meet with people who might want to tell a story but only in person. I see this as a way to kind of do a miniature TBOTB Rally. For example, I am going to be relocating shortly to Texas. I will not be all that far from San Antonio when I do so. I would like to take a weekend and setup a place to meet with any current or former bandsmen that might be interested in being interviewed. Why San Antonio? That's where the AFB West is... Make sense?

I have also spoke informally to Chris about doing the same type of thing where the AFB East is stationed, though before their deactivation, and he seemed cool with conducting interviews. I will attempt to get some other people involved but to be honest, those two spots would be good starting places.


There I go shouting again... What can you do, other than become a future contributor? I mean, anybody that has stuck around here long enough to have read all of this must have some reason. Do you have a story? Anyway... You can help get the word out. If you know anybody than might have something to say, offer them this link. From here you can get to the blog, the FaceBook page and the little extras that are part of the TBOTB site. You never know who might write the next "Buckle Up For Safety, Buckle Up," that's in TBOTB II by the way... Soon to be at an Internet bookstore near everybody.

Thanks and enjoy!

Posted by: Fred, AGAIN...


So that's it for that 2012 post. Bellow are the last couple of old posts that remain important. Check out what John Moody is doing to help All Things TBOTB...

September 20th, 2014

Some Changes on MilitaryBandsman.Com and the TBOTB FaceBook Page

John has spruced things up on and placed the TBOTB material more to the front -- Thanks, John. So I figured the least I could do was to follow suite and do some sprucing up too. OK, OK, that was John's idea, but it was a good one.

Before I forget, take a look at what John has done out there on his website:

The TBOTB FaceBook Page:

This has been up for quite a while but I have not pushed it nor have I kept it current. Keeping things current with material that is up to 40 years old can be difficult. And then it hit me -- How about some related material that is from this millennium? Interesting, at least to me. So I decided to include some of the material I have written about the exploits of the 341st ANG from Crow AFB, Jackson Mississippi.

Never heard of Crow AFB? Me neither, because it does not exist, except in these stories. The same is true for the 341st Band.

The 341st Band stuff is explained completely (at least as well as I could muster) in the post I put up on FB on September 15th of this year. That post contains an overview of the idea, cast and characters for the stories -- more correctly Screenplays. Next Monday, September 22nd, I intend on posting the synopsis for the screenplay I wrote intended for the Big Screen -- Film, you know Movies. Of course it may never go beyond sitting on that FB page, but who knows?

Other than the 341st Band material, I have done a spin-off on what John and I came up with for well over a year ago. On John's site a new story automatically gets posted every Sunday morning. But it sits there for just one week. I intend on taking the material that has just run out there and archiving it on the TBOTB FB page on Saturday, just before the story expires on There are only 53 stories in the rotation model, out of hundreds contained in the book. I do not intend on making any more of them available out here on the Internet, well unless there is some sort of major demand. But, all of the stories are still available in the books which you can get to from here (see the above links)

If any of this new stuff attracts any sort of attention I am considering posting segments of the 34 other screenplays I have drafted for Jackie, Samantha and Chud, etc. (That's the 341st people, AKA: The TROGS). I think you may like the fictional versions of Military Bandsmen almost as much as the true-life adventures explored on TBOTB. At least I hope so.

So, time to get back on the bus. You know where there is plenty of room. See you back there!

Posted by: Fred

April 16th, 2013

Related Resources: MilitaryBandsman.Com

Former military bandsman, John L. Moody, has a site you might just be interested in. I mean, if you are hanging out here the stuff that John has put together on his site should be right up your alley.

One of the things I like most about John's site is that it represents all the branches of the US Military, including Guard and Reserve. And he even had a listing for the South African Nat'l Ceremonial Guard Band. Pretty cool.

So, if you have a few minutes, and the interest, jump on over to John's site: and have some fun.

Posted by: Fred Start the FINAL Hiding next...

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The Back of the Bus FaceBook page is now being updated AGAIN. (I hope I can keep up with that.). Take a look...

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