Available Button Graphics for the Word Custom UI Ribbon Control

This is down and dirty, but it works.

  • Click the Gallery link (Gal 1 through Gal 9) to see the images and the imageMso name you need all in one place.
  • Click in the Text Box with the imageMso information. It will select the text and you can copy and paste it into your project...
  • The galleries have between 245 and 321 individual .JPG images in them, so they take a while to load. The "All (overview)" page contains all 2,577 images in a static display.

Excuse the fact that not all the graphics here are perfect. Somehow Microsoft decided that just a few of there pieces of graphic should be 21x20 while about 99 % of them (on the Small Galleries) where 20x20. I did not take the time to clean up the funky ones. The graphics that show in the Ribbon will be complete.

Gal 1 (Large) Gal 2 (Large) Gal 3 (Large) Gal 4 (Small) Gal 5 (Small)
Gal 6 (Small) Gal 7 (Small) Gal 8 (Small) Gal 9 (Small) All (overview)